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Flower arrangement by nature

What you see is an ordinary periwinkle but the way flowers are blooming it looks as though nature spent some time in making that arrangement. 

That is what I keep noticing  There was yet another artistic arrangement and that too from a flower that we are in the process of eradicating. 

I see a message in this in that it is not necessary that one should only look for the exotiv but ordinary flowers can look extra ordinary and for that all one needs is a bit of imagination with help from nature. 

I have taken advantage of this message and I do have simple flowers adding colour to our garden. 

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Written by grace


  1. I have quite a few unusual flowers in the garden that I throw out of the ground most of the time … for me this is a weed although it blooms beautifully

    • I know it is used for treating cancer and a few other diseases,

      Our garden is also strewn with these flowers but this plant is different as you can see.