Five Feet Apart

“Five Feet Apart” – a youth drama about love that I watched with my daughter last weekend. Before watching it, you need to stock up on a pack of napkins for tears, all fans of romantic and touching stories will like it.

For director Justin Baldoni, this is a debut in a big movie, and after a successful premiere, this will consolidate the status of a promising filmmaker, because the director made a truly emotionally strong film from an absolutely secondary concept.

According to the plot, two lonely teenagers who suffer from the same disease with cystic fibrosis meet in a city hospital. At first, the friendship of two completely different people arises in the framework of comic conversations and mutually beneficial assistance, but over time, young people understand that they are connected not only by friendly relations but also by more serious feelings, which intensify every day with incredible speed.

And all would be fine, but patients with a similar disease are strictly forbidden to approach people with the same diagnosis in order to avoid infection. And now, in order not to put each other in mortal danger, lovers have to limit themselves and their desires in the name of further life.

One of the features of the film is a mixture of genres. At first, the story is perceived as part of a youth comedy. The plot has a lot of humor and funny moments. Heroes are weird, have fun and in every possible way dilute the boring hospital existence in order to somehow feel the full life of an ordinary teenager. Such aspects without any difficulty immerse the viewer in all the peripetia of the plot development, which allows you to almost fall in love with the main characters from the first minutes.

They are active, sociable, cheerful and always full of endless internal energy despite the fact that physical capabilities are significantly limited. Incredible chemistry takes place between the characters, thanks to which the viewer easily closes eyes to the scenic flaws and the secondary nature of the events. Of course, there were a huge number of similar stories in world cinema, and each picture had its own definite success among the mass audience, because such stories allow you to clearly see the basic principles and the importance of your existence, feel alive, understand priorities and make the right choice so that to become even a little happier in this difficult and complex world.

Since most of the scenes take place within the walls of the hospital, the creators needed to get rid of the forcing limitations of the surrounding space. Therefore, the film has a lot of vivid emotions, plot dynamics, humor, touching dialogs, sensual looks and a lot of tears. And thanks to good casting, the film finally proves the fact that not only the stellar names of the actors increase the audience’s interest.

Young actors gave the audience unforgettable emotions, showing truly true love on the screen, and this is worth a lot for any romantic melodrama. This film will be a wonderful gift for couples in love, impressionable girls and just for those who love good movies. Happy viewing.

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