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AVATAR Movie Review

In the film “Avatar”, James Cameron touches on the current ecological problem of our entire planet, human greed, cruelty, and disregard for other forms of life, especially vegetation that we appropriate and destroy for our own pleasure and benefit.

The conquest of another planet, the scattering between the aliens (humans) and the inhabitants of the planet Pandora, eventually splits the whole action into two old camps like the whole world: the good and the bad.

The most interesting was the life of blue creatures, thoughtful to details customs and love for nature, respect for their clan, ancestors, glowing trees, extraordinary connections with wild animals. When you get there, you realize what our own decayed, blackened, and completely degraded relationship with the environment and nature is.

It is not worth telling the whole content of the film, because it is better to see it for yourself and experience in your own way, I can only share my personal catharsis, and it was very strong.

I am very glad that Cameron does not devote much to the interpretation of technical matters, how and what device works, what it is called, and does not waste time on destructive video effects. After all, the effects usually depict collapsing cities, battles, wars, alien invasions, and here Cameron takes us to another planet and allows us to enjoy the harmonious and non-existent beauty of that planet, which is clearly later replaced by destruction, apparently, inevitable.

The characters are extraordinarily alive, every avatar, every creature in blue is carefully polished. 

As always – an imperfect man comes and muddles everything, and this is where the extraordinary cruelty of Cameroon manifests itself, which just instantly allows us to imagine that all this will be ruthlessly destroyed and ruined.

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  1. the avatars remind me of native americans, as well as other natives, fighting back imperialism and zionism from destroying their land and creatures by invasion and war. that one ruthless leader reminded me of Bush.

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