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Fist Positive Case of Covid-19

Yesterday we got to know that we have the first positive case of Covid-19 in my neighborhood. It created some hassle among the resident because we still have some of the people around our neighborhood who still ignore the quarantine protocol. They tend to take this pandemic “lightly” although the government already educated how serious the situation is. Now after it happened in front of their eyes, they start to panic which is the silliest thing in my opinion.

We suspect that the patience contaminated from the market because the highest case in my city is from the people who visit the traditional market. Now the rest of his family being self-isolated at home and waiting to be tested. I just hope the patients get well soon and none of his family being contaminated. Also, I hope this becomes a strong reminder for the people who still neglecting the importance of self-distancing to help atop this virus is spreading out.

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Written by Haraka


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  1. Oh there are all kinds. Just this morning my neighbor called me to tell me that a young man was going around spitting. Now I need to wash my dogs feet each time I take the out for walks.

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