Thank goodness we live in a time when women no longer need to be masculine to achieve something. Far is not as smooth as the ice on the lake, but already good. Now no one would tell my daughter who was very fond of climbing trees in childhood, that she is like a boy. I am glad that there are less and less hobbies, jobs, activities that fit only for women or men.

I am glad that I don’t have to lie that “I work until night because work means everything to me, and those scattered around toys of my kids are no no to me…” because I like being a mom and spinning around pots is no less joy than talking to a full cabinet of businessmen in suits.

I no longer have to be ashamed of going dressed in a gorgeous dress because “I want to enchant and flirt with someone”, nor do I have to specifically avoid makeup and wear only business suits to look more businesslike, which really means more masculine.

It’s not a problem for me to cry over a sensitive topic or to admit that today is my period so I “don’t have blood” to work hard. I’m really happy that we can be ourselves.

Maybe someone will say, “We always had to be ourselves, not just now.” I agree. But someone very clever has realized the power of femininity long ago. He covered us with scarves, long dresses, and those who could not rule burned on the fire. I am happy it is not a case now. 

Let’s never forget how much it cost us to be women. And let’s carry our femininity as a flag! 

And thank you, our gentle knights, our men, for loving and protecting us, for loving and comforting us, for encouraging us, for cutting those thorny roses, so that you can then cover our roads with their blossoms.

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