Thoughts after visiting a musical performance

Lifestyle, the pace right now is just crazy! In it, all the foundational values disappear. Even when viewed ironically, one can see the faults of modern life. Paradoxically, several centuries have passed, but people have not changed much.

Yesterday I was in a musical performance where I watched how a portrait of a rather naive woman is being created. It seems to me that an interesting woman is one who stays feminine. Even if she is not naive, there is no need to announce it aloud again and again. This is mostly not interesting to anyone. Some men say that a woman’s wisdom lies in her ability to be foolish by being smart. There is nothing more beautiful than the playfulness of a woman. Modern women lack it because they want to control everything. So what will men do then?

Is the femininity close to me? Yes, even very much. I was lost at one point, I wanted to be a cool, iron lady. I am glad I realized that I was against my nature because it is insanely tiring and is the most direct route to nerve disease. I enjoy taking the position of a woman because she is always more humble, more diplomatic.

Everyone strives to live comfortably and safely, and I am no exception. I just have the perception that not everything in life has to be comfortable. Of course, there are, of course, awkward situations where you have to step outside your comfort zone. But those steps you make are exactly what makes you a strong one. 

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