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TOP 10 Things A Woman Notices FIRST About A Man!!!!!

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Today we’re going over the top ten things that women noticed first about a man the first thing that women notice about a guy is actually their face from the neck up they’re looking to see if you’re handsome if you’re not handsome that’s okay because some of these other things will definitely take its place, but they’re looking to see if you’re welcomed if you’ve got facial hair if it’s crazy is it rough and rugged and ready for action don’t get hair see if you’ve got it is it still does it look appropriate if you don’t have it are you trying to act like you do have it or are you buzzing it.

Number two is your smile not as in like is your smile good as I did you smile at them if the answer is yes big points I’m talking monstrous handsome points.

Number three women notice first is eyes as in eye contacts bang right here guys try I know it’s difficult, please try to maintain eye contact, look them in the eyes and in the face when you’re talking to them now when she looks away or glances then and it’s alright to sneak a peek.

The fourth thing they notice is your body what does your body look like do you look like you work out you look oh you don’t work out now here’s the good news, apparently according to like all these women now there’s all sorts of studies and research that is showing that women don’t actually want a guy to be super buff super handsome, they they actually prefer if they’re a little bit below them in terms of looks does this mean that you should cancel your gym membership and start eating Cinnabons answer is no absolutely not because women do notice and appreciate a guy who does take care of himself.

Number five guys, it’s all about style, not necessarily how much you spent on your clothes or anything like that, but do you understand clothing you understand style do you understand how clothing should fit and be coordinated on you.

Number six your scent fact, if you smell amazing you have a 227 percent higher chance of getting the girl than the dude who smells bad find your signature scent, but do not bathe in your signature said there’s a big difference all right some dudes are like yellow have three squirt smells good 27 smells fantastic wrong wearing an amazing Cologne or signature scent is a great way to set yourself apart from other dudes, but one of the issues that I see a lot of guys having is that they’ll find like one cologne and then the where today the where tomorrow next week next month yeah like like they never change switch it up guys have a cologne reporter try different things and trying new amazing clothes.

The 7th thing that women notice first about a man is actually is a posture as he’s standing nice and tall shoulders back, chest up or is he slouched and sloppy anything that women notice is your walk do you walk with confidence do you walk with purpose do you walk like a baddie or you walk like a dork.

Number 9 is a bummer for me his voice apparently women notice your voice if it’s sexy if it’s got a certain gravelly roughness that’s a plus if you sound like a little girl it’s not a nice.

Number 10 thing that women notice first about a man is how they treat others, how do you treat how do you talk to, how do you interact with other people this includes, but is not limited to your friends, your mother, your parents cashiers servers because ultimately the woman knows that it you treat other people like shed eventually you will treat her like shit as well.

Those gentlemen are the top 10 things that women notice first about a man.


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