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Expensive air conditioner

We saved money for a long time just to afford an air conditioner for the living room. Now we are comfortable with the cool air especially during summer when the heat is unbearable. But the main reason for buying the air conditioner is for the benefit of our dogs who are not resistant with the summer heat.

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Written by Alex Socorro

I have been with IT for a long time but now I am just working as a consultant.

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  1. We have three air conditioners at home. We installed these air conditioners when we moved into this house. I rarely turn them on nowadays as I think turning on air conditioner is not so good for our health and the earth, and the electricity bill will be quite expensive as well. Though it’s always very hot here, I just told my kids to go and take a shower when they are hot. I don’t want them to rely on air conditioner too much, though I’d like to turn it on always. 😀

    I understand it’s difficult for some dogs. You are so nice to your dogs. I let my dog take the shower too when she was still with us. 🙂

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