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Everyone Has Something to Sell

I seem to be the only one in my family who is combing through all the things that my parents had written over the years. They had made it a habit to keep a copy of everything they wrote. As you can imagine that is a lot of information because, well, they had lots of things to say. It seems clear to me now, that they thought their children “were missing the boat” on a scale. I am not certain my siblings would be comfortable with me reading and working with all this information. But when I asked if anyone wanted this “stuff” they said no.

I was reading something mom has shared about everyone has something to sell, and that is not a bad thing. You just have to understand motives and choose what kind of information and tone you want to allow in your life. 

So I took a couple of hours and read on Virily with the intent to see through the eyes of the seller. Now, of course, it comes through my lens and my bias and it was fun to do. Understanding that I could be completely wrong and some people could take great offense I thought perhaps this was not the time or place. Then again, none of the things I learn seem to happen at the right time or place. I believe that four people here will actually read this entire post.  I think they can handle it.

I go to a specific writer’s work every day because he “sells” me the importance of family and the memories that comfort and remind me of the moral compass that my family passed on to me. It that the intent of the author? Probably not, and still it is worth my most prized possession, time, to read, smile, laugh, cry and comment. It keeps me human and connected. 

Another person here sells me “hope”.  Again my precious commodity of time is worth adding hope into my day. I need hope.

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    Can you identify what you might be selling?

    • Yes
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    Do you believe I think about what I am selling?

    • Yes
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    Have you ever looked at your writing or pictures from this perspective?

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    • No


What do you think?

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  1. i took a sales class many years ago. The first thing that the instructor said to a room of techies, who here sells?
    everyone groaned and said not me!
    The instructor than put his books away and said: “then you don’t need me.”
    since we had to take the class we begged him to stop.
    He said, if you say something and no one argues with you, then you never sell. Otherwise, you are always selling!

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