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Do you usually wash new clothes before using them?

Organic clothing

Due to laws varying from country to country, the permitted level of chemicals in each tissue changes depending on the origin and type of material used, which can result in clothing with elements that can irritate our skin. It is often safer to wash new clothes more than once before using them. Many synthetic fabrics acquire their color through azo-aniline paints, which can cause a severe reaction on the skin if you are allergic to the material.

Ink wastes are only removed after several washes, which facilitates the appearance of red spots and itching especially near the area where there is friction or sweat, such as in the waist, neck, thighs and around the armpits. If you are among the most serious allergy cases, it may be a good idea to completely avoid the material, since it can resist even after multiple washes.

It is also not possible to know who has experienced the new clothing before while in the store, nor if this person was carrying some kind of communicable disease or parasite.

There are cases of lice that have possibly passed from one person to another through tried-and-tested clothing in stores. And there are certain infectious diseases that can be transmitted through clothing. In doubt, it is always better to wash the new parts at least once regardless of the type of fabric.

  • Do you wash new clothes before using it?

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    • Only underwear
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