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Do you like listening to radio or music while driving a car?

It’s Monday again, and it started early as three hours driving waited for me. Driving a car with the radio – like talking to a smart person: on the way from the seaside to Vilnius, I switched stations – and I heard so many things! 

Mostly about politics: the woman called to one radio station named the health minister an asshole, the man resented that the historical monuments are destroyed without permission of each and everyone, education experts cursed a system that no one wants to become a teacher anymore, and by the end of the show, the newscaster  announced that 23 percent of Lithuanians live below the poverty line?!

And then – a concert by people’ wishes. I won’t talk about the songs because they are not for listening, they are more for tempering the taste. But listeners’ wishes on the radio are already a separate genre. You could only broadcast them and you would never stop wondering where those people live. Or wonder what kind of social bubble you live in.

There was not a drop of sleepiness. Just reflections. About living on the moon or the moon living next to us.

Monday started funny, and I laughed so much listening to all this radio nonsense. I am so satiated of it that coming back I turned on my favorite music. No more radio for today. 

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  • Do you like listening radio or music while driving a car?

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