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Distress in Australia

These cute looking koala bears are the worst affected by wild fires in Australia  Their death roll runs in millions. 

Small in size, even those having no love for animals will want to cuddle them.  I have visitied Australia  I did not get the opportunity to cuddle any but I bought dozens koala bear magnets as gifts for  friends and family. 

There is no way one can control those fires and reports have it that there is no guarantee that there will be no wild fires in Australia 

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  1. Love the koala. It is distressing reading about wildfires. At least the places that have wildfires know what to do and can do their best to fight against them. There had never been any wildfires in Latvia because in northern Europe the weather even in summer does not get too hot. Unfortunately, in the summer of 2018 when I had already left Latvia they had an unusually hot and dry summer. Suddenly forests were burning and it was a real tragedy because they were not equipped or used to having to battle these kinds of fires.


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