Discovery of a chemical in green tea that prevents a type of corona virus

A special chemical has been discovered in green tea that prevents the spread of another but dangerous strain of the corona virus, “Sars Cov-2” virus. This virus contains a type of enzyme called MPRO and Because of the MPRO, the virus spreads rapidly. But green tea and a kind of musk grape contain a chemical that prevents the virus from multiplying.

The enzyme that spreads the corona virus is a kind of protease and it causes both good and evil, that is, it is necessary for health, so viruses also rely on them to increase their numbers. Now, University of North Carolina have reported  If the SARS co-virus 2 virus is somehow controlled, the growing number of viruses will stop.

The research is based on laboratory simulations as well as computer simulations. The central protease of this virus plays an important role in the spread of the virus.

Somehow if this Peroxidase kill, the virus itself will go away. When a green tea chemical was put on the virus in the lab, it stuck to the MPRO and prevented it from doing anything. Although this feature is found in grapes and dark chocolate, the feature of green tea is different because it contains five chemicals that destroy MPRO.


  • Will this research proved to be a new ray of controlling COVID-19?

    • Yes


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