5.31.20 Modified Lockdown New Normal Insights

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Around 5:30 pm, I walked around in my neighborhood. The weather was nice. I saw the moon in daylight, against a light blue sky, with a plane’s line mark next to it.

I watched today’s psychic video for fun, as well as looking for insights. The Zionist Elites already lost on the astral level, as well with their cornyflu plandemic and everything they are pushing, even though this lockdown is now in “modified lockdown,” which is the new normal. There will be a civil war coming in September-November. It will likely be a racial war for the depopulation agenda. In the Spiritual War, the people have already won. But now they want people to fight so that they can do martial law and start the New World Order. The looting at the city protests might be a set-up. The astral level is open. Trump is a 2-term president, and he knows it because he keeps saying on his videos that he will win the second term.

I think there is a curfew now in America, around 5 pm, but I am sure different time for each state. This reminds me of Zurich, Switzerland, when I went there with family in the 80s. everything closed around 6 pm. There streets are empty. It is dead. But, here in my area, there are still some people walking around and cars driving around. But I noticed the grocery stores and some restaurants are still open, but the boutique and  hairsalon close at around 5 pm.

Supercuts, Fantastic Sam, and Bishops salon by my home are now open.

I then decided to go internet surfing to research about 5G Towers, and I stumbled upon these hashtags in the comments section:

“Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G EMF and COVID 19 Symptoms: Satanic Zionist Pedo NWO Extermination Agenda #5G# #EMF# #Coronavirus# #Covid19# #CoverUp# #5gKillGrid# #RFIDchipVaccine# #5gGenocide# #5gExtinctionEvent# #5gDeathSquads# #FakePlannedemic# #GatesOfHell# #666BeastSystem# #DARPA# #Implants# #FEMArex84DeathCamps# #SatanicZionistPedoNWOexterminationAgenda


What do you think?


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