Day 50 Accoutability

Wow, today did not turn out the way I expected. Every time I tried to help someone it turned out they helped me more. Perhaps that is the key.  With permission I am going to share something that was given to me. Please do not make it your own. If you are using it in a personal card I am certain she wouldn’t object and she’s not the kind that wants credit.

I hope when you read what she wrote a name of someone you know comes to mind and you find a way to let them know how much they mean. 

I also found some amazing music. Of course I share that often.

“It is hard to be the strongest tree in the forest. When you are tall, you get all the wind, the full force of the blizzard, the strikes of lightening, the first rain, the hottest sun. But remember being the tallest tree you also provide for all  of the less strong trees below you, protection from the wind that would blow them over, protect from the icy gales of wind and snow, the strike of the lightening that would devastate a less mature tree, the driving rain only falls on the weaker branches as cleansing drops of rain, the large tree shades the small ones and all of this encourages the growth, health and strength of the weaker ones. So you see my dear, you are indeed  a  great protector of the weak and  those still growing. YOU are the redwood, the giant among all who  can withstand  the trials of this world.  Take care of yourself and do not get weak as your branches  cover and protect many. They may not realize all you do for them now, but they will one day.”

  • Did a name come into your heart?

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What do you think?


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