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Colors in the sky

The Delonix regia  is enough to paint the sky red , add the bougainvillea to it and you have shades of red and pink. Delonix regia is a tropical tree that blooms in summer mid April to mid July. It grows to about 30-40 feet in height and has boughs of red flowers hanging from it in the flowering season. (I will write about this in another post.)

The bougainvillea is almost always in bloom. Despite the lack of smell the plant is very popular because of its every present blooms and vibrant color in the garden. The bougainvillea being a climber takes the support of fences and trees and hangs beautifully from them.

I have always had one problem with growing bougainvillea, the flowery mess they make. They flowers are light and get blown around by the wind, so I have to be careful to collect the before they get blown into the neighbors houses.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago in the park.

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  1. I have two trees just in front of my house one is orange and the other one is yellow. Yes, they look beautiful and full of flowers. We generally call them fire tree (the orange ones)

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