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Color Crazy Challenge – The Queens Crepe Myrtle

The Queens Crepe Myrtle  is one of my favorite trees. Its botanical name is Lagerstroemia speciosa. It is also called the Pride of India. It comes in two colors basically Pink and purple  and various shades of it until it fades out into a white. It is called Banaba plant in the Philippines.

I had this tree planted all around my previous apartment. It is a short tree . The leaves are huge. elliptical shaped and it flowers twice a year. Its amazing to see this tree in bloom. When the fruits burst and the seeds fly away what remains is another woody flower that we often use in our dry flower arrangements. The look lovely and stay beautiful for years if sprayed with a transparent paint.

I use the seed pods for decoration in the fall along with my star grass and dried asparagus ferns.

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