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Clearwing Moth ~ Day 248

The Hummingbird Moth is often first thought to be a hummingbird, making potential predators as well as humans take a second look. Fast beating wings and a furry body give the Hummingbird Moth the appearance of a small hummingbird, but the moth lacks the long, thin beak, which is one of the hallmarks of a real hummingbird. Instead, the Hummingbird Moth has a tongue (proboscis), like a butterfly that reaches deep into flowers. It drinks the nectar of many kinds of flowers and helps pollinate them as they wander between plants. Hummingbird Moths love gardens and are likely to visit many flowers while they are in the area. 

There are two varieties. The one that visit my garden is called a Clearwing Moth. The other is a White Lined Spyinx. As a member of the Sphinx Moth family, Hummingbird Moths are daylight foragers that also feed at night. Adults are most active in late spring to early fall. They are beautiful to watch.


365 Photos Challenge Day 248

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Written by Carol DM

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