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Chocolate cake

It is still summer holidays for my grandchildren and they are with me during the day while their parents are working. Today they asked me to bake their favorite chocolate cake for the afternoon snack.

This cake is very easy to do and today I had my grandchildren precious help, so it taste better. More than half of the cake is already eaten 😀

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Written by Maria


  1. I’ve had to see my doctor recently. Went over my blood sugar level test. He said I have to cut down on my sugar intake. Emphasized things like coffee ( with cream and sugar), sodas (never touch that stuff) and CHOCOLATE PASTRIES. Wow, that hurts.

  2. It looks delicious and I would like to have a slice of it! I would like to learn how to bake cakes, as my kids and I like to eat cakes, but I have not successfully baked a nice cake before. I will continue to learn. Hopefully I will be able to make one like yours soon. 🙂