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Challenge Accepted: Use This Word-Reconfiguration

I’m way behind on challenges but I’ve received a message in my inbox from our Dear Alex, which ask me to use the word |Reconfiguration| … I guess this is a challenge for #usethisword challenge by Ghostwriter.

Hmm … I’m not even very sure how it’s use correctly, so I started with a quick search online.

“reconfiguration/ˌriːkənfɪɡəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/ noun: reconfiguration; plural noun: reconfigurations

  1. the arrangement of parts or elements in a different form, figure, or combination.”

Ok, there we’ve it … I guess it means to rearrange or restructure something for whatever reasons … LOL. I know this word is more commonly use in computer/technology whereby a certain program needs to be reconfigure to work better… but I thought of going another way.

I thought about it … What can we reconfigure? Or rather, what in my life needs reconfiguration?

Perhaps its the thought system.

Perhaps it’s time we reconfigure how we think and react.

I’ve heard a story from someone that he once saw a kid working on a puzzle and she failed repeatedly. On further observation, he realised the kid was using the same steps over and over again with little change. So he went and asked the kid why wasn’t she trying another way, and the kid said, “that is what the book says.” The kid had a step-by-step guide on how to work on certain puzzles and that makes her stuck with that “process”.

Well, that could happen to any of us. We’re so used to something, we kept doing and get stuck. Maybe it’s time to reconfigure!

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