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Every year, on Valentine’s Day, I come across people who say to me: commerce, a cheap trick for merchants, love is needed every day, it is a mockery of true love!

I never understand where so much resentment for a beautiful day comes from. Here, as in the first days of November – while half the world is angry at how early supermarkets have put their Christmas toys on display. Well, apparently it is – I love holidays. I like to wait for them and I like to celebrate them.

I like that on the holidays we become a little softer and better and sweeter with each other. In a time when a computer or phone screen often gets more attention than people, it’s fortunate to have the opportunity to lift your eyes off those screens. Look at the ones we should fill with that attention – yes! – daily.

But every day we sometimes just don’t have time – every day we heroically try to balance between kids, work, budget estimates, preparing meals, laundry, tax sheets, shopping lists, unexpected illnesses, hundreds of things.

I like that there are days in the year when the calendar itself cries out to us shouting: It’s time to be with loved ones! With loved ones! With the ones we’ve been a little undeservedly forgot over the past few days, weeks, or even months.

Time to call them. Hug them. Talk to them. To give the biggest and most important gift – your attention. No matter how we will pack that attention: whether it’s a delicious homemade cake, a bouquet of flowers or a plush, bright red heart, it’s not that important.

Yes, love needs to be celebrated every day! Love for man, work, life, sun or flowering plant. When you have an open heart, things are somehow easier, nicer, simpler.

But if it has happened that we love silence day after day, maybe there’s nothing bad like talking a little louder about love to our beloved?

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