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The name derives from the Latin word – the valley, because this plant grows massively in the valleys, on the meadows and in the oak forests.Lily-of-the-Valley is an extremely beautiful feather with white or pink, hanging and scented flowers that resemble bells.The plant is 20 centimeters high. It has extremely beautiful flowers, arranged in clusters. Bloom in May and June, depending on the time of planting. At the end of flowering, a red fetus is formed. Dark green leaflets wrap the floral handle until autumn. Lily-of-the-Valley spreads very quickly and covers the soil thanks to the underground tree, or rhizome.Due to the beauty and pleasant smell, the lily of the valley is used for making spring bouquets and other arrangements. It is especially used for decoration on solemn occasions, for wedding bouquets or for decorating Slavic and Easter table with colorful eggs.It is believed that this flower symbolizes sweetness, umility, the return of happiness, fragrance and freshness. The legend of lily of the valley says that this flower originated from Eve’s tears when she had to leave the garden of Eden.Christian Dior believed that a lily-of-the-valley is a symbol of hope, happiness and joy. In the 1950s, together with Edmond Roudnistk, he created “Diorissimo”, a perfume with a gentle fragrance of lily of the valley.Since 1982, the lily of the valley is the national flower of Finland, and in France, traditionally, every May Day the biser is massively sold on the streets of cities.

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