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Breakfast from the Garden

In this picture there are coffee trees, orange trees and papaya. I usually have coffee and fruit for breakfast. Oranges are a regular item on my table, but papaya is a staple at ever meal.

I love coffee , but I cannot grow them in my terrace garden. I do have papaya trees and an orange bush. I have always wished I could have a piece of land to grow all kinds of locally growing fruits. This pictures is from my friends orchard. She has a small coffee plantation and all kinds of fruit trees.

The trees were laden with pomegranates, oranges, papayas, sapodillas, guavas and other fruits and monkeys were having a hey day. Fresh Orange juice was filled in jugs and left in fridges for the children to drink all day.  Fresh fruits were left in baskets for anyone to enjoy.

Her small cottages, where we stayed were simple, clean and comfortable. That was one of my best holidays. The food there was organic , home grown and simple, but fresh and tasty. I need another holiday like that one very soon.

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  1. I love all the fruit I have seen. I am interested in the coffee tree because I saw a coffee tree in a garden centre and the sign said you can grow your own coffee..I have never seen anyone grow coffee here but then there is always a first

  2. I’m not sure if I’m telling the coffee tree. Coffee does not drink irritating my stomach. For breakfast when I have oranges, I prepare my own juice at home. Every morning I eat an Avocado say it is useful for the Thyroid gland I have problems with.

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