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Bonding between different species of animals

Bonding between different species of animals is not an exception at all.  I have seen it happening between our pets. 

Our Preiti took a while but once she knew she was safe she befriended Gamma our rooster and the neighbour’s cat. 

Gamma and Preiti were the best of friends.  They went on a stroll together, chased each other and as you can see in the photo exchanged perhaps some thoughts in their own way. 

Preiti had a great time with the neighbour’s cat as well. She visited us just to play with Preiti. 

Even when Charlie the baby monkey visited us she would wag her tail looking at it although we did not encourage proximity. 

There are stories where kittens are seen being breast fed by a dog.  

  • Do you have different species of pets that get along with each other?

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Written by grace


  1. Animals display several lovable characteristics which humans should imbibe. I have seen dogs and cats bond together and enjoy each others company. Humans have lost the innocence.

  2. I only have two dogs and three guinea pigs at the moment but I wouldn’t trust my little Jack Russell around the guineas due to her hunting instinct but she doesn’t take much notice of them in their cage. I do know a woman who has a cat and budgie that get on together which is lovely.

    • Who knows she may behave well with them. Preiti used to frighten the cats to start with but later befroended them. You could perhaps try it under supervision

  3. Our dogs love our rescued birds Willy and Xerxes. Xerxes did care to much about the dogs, he had his own problems to handle at that time.

  4. Yes I have seen friendship between all my three previous dogs and many cats. They all got on famously, slept and played together and even cuddled together. Even though animals are very different between each other they can and most times do get along and establish bonds. It is too bad some humans cannot copy on the animal’s behavior.