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Black bird is ideal for Alibb’s alphabet B crazy challenge

We have several birds visiting us.  Our garden is designed with birds in mind.  They have countless fruit trees with fruits  to peck on, bushes to perch on to  preen their feathers, make love and have conferences.  And last but not the least they have the birdbath to swim and frolic.  Sitting in my favourite corner I get to see them in action

Black birds which we call ‘dhobi birds’ are seen here at certain times in  year.  It is a joy to see the couple build their nest. There was on such couple who had their nest in our improvised letter box but sadly it was a failed attempt.  There were eggs there but the mother did not return to hatch them. Once they built the nest on top of our entrance light and there again the bigger birds destroyed it.

Each of these birds chirp differently and I can recognise the chirp of the black bird

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