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Black and White Friday – Sparrows in my friend’s backyard

I haven’t seen sparrows in a long time. I have read that they do not take well to all the cellular phone towers  that have come up all over the place. One study says that the electro-magnetic fields created by the increase in mobile towers has led to the exodus of the common sparrow.  It says that the navigation skill of the birds and earth’s magnetic system are correlated.

We have these towers all around us and guess what? we have no sparrows here. Even the crows are reducing in numbers. its just pigeons all the way. We see sparrow only in rural districts now. We need to get much further from the city to see these once plentiful, cheerful birds.

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Written by Dawn


  1. We’re lucky to have plenty of wildlife left here, I guess. I didn’t know birds were so sensitive to electro-magnetic fields, sad to hear. ? We have sparrows but I find it difficult to take photos of them because they’re tiny and quite hyperactive.