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Bitten By A Bug

This is a stark and  realistic poem on life during covid 19.

Just watching the news makes me agonize this way. The world has no answers yet but I am sure it will find one sooner than later.

Bitten by a bug

the whole world reels,

under fear and agony.

There is no where to go,

so they go around in circles ,

in the confines of their homes.

as wild animals in cages.

needing to find a friend,

just someone to cling on to,

to soothe their fears and desperation,

but there are very few.

Cold bodies lie stiff in death,

morgues overflow ,

with the threat of decay,

spreading more woe.

No one to mourn,

or give a decent burial,

as they are caught up in their own,

fear, pain and denial.

Bitten by a bug

a bug so malicious and fierce,

bitten by a bug,

the world lies wordless.

  • Are you learning to cope with life in lock down?


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Written by Dawn

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