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Bipolar Disorder

The Bipolar Disorder is disorder which bring fast and severe change in mode which was previously known as manic depression. In this disease some time the mood becomes more and more pleasant and some time everlasting sadness.

This journey of happiness to sadness can also be a couple of minutes, In this disease, a specific mode may be a few minutes to several days long. Bipolar Disorder can happen to almost 1 percent of people in any part of life. This disease can begin at any age after puberty, but after 40 years of age this disease  happen very rarely and the ratio of this disease is similar in men and women.

Here are some common symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

  • Extreme Depression
  • Irregularity in sleep
  • Social behavior change
  • No Interest in work
  • Suicide thoughts
  • Feeling more sad than ever
  • Unlimited frustration
  • Extreme Happy  and excitement
  • No feelings to do any job
  • Feeling fatigue and weakness
  • Absent Brain modality
  • Feeling of Inferiority complex
  • Consider yourself responsible for every bad thing of the past
  • Increase and decrease in weight & Hunger

For those who suffer long-term Bipolar Disorder, some strange habits take place in their life and It is important to know these habits So that you do not increase the intensity of any disease in the unintentionally.

The worst error of memory :-

Bipolar Disorder patient patients suffer from worst memory error disorders and they also need to be reminded of cooking or bathing for their daily tasks.

Imagination for the future mode :-

Such people can not be sad or happy like ordinary people. whenever they are happy, they feel that Isn’t this happiness is temporary ? Somewhere after that I do not face any pain? In case of sadness, they think, How would they live their life in this situation? though its all natural to understand happiness and sadness temporary and hope the best with changing time, However, ride it over yourself is the sign of Bipolar Disorder.

Talking too much and very fast :-

People suffering from Bipolar Disorder. talk very quickly as compared to ordinary people, In addition, they speak very much without considering the opposite one and  in this way they also expose their personal secrets, which may later embarrass them.

Getting confused with minor things. :-

Some minor sounds/voices can make very upset such people and minor things are very important for those people. For example, when they lie down to sleep, they want their blankets to be spread on the same bed and do not have a minor stain on it, after all they can be confused and awake all night.

Love Loneliness :-

People suffering from Bipolar disorder love to cut themselves out of social life and start living in the somewhere in corner or  streets, However, it does not mean that they lose their engagement. While avoiding more and more people, these people completely cite their responsibilities, experiences and engagement and live vibrant life.

Remember, People with Bipolar Disorder , including every mental disorder, may have a normal life with proper treatment and with the help and assistance of their close people.

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