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Are you stressed?

I am easily stressed or I should say I haven’t learn how to manage my stress. I was stressed when I was studying, taking exams, working, rushing for deadlines and now even being a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes I thought I can slightly handle my stress, but when there are more things added to my plate (freelance work, homeschooling, home, kids, self-care…), then I am stressed out. That’s why this year I decided to not take in any freelance work and focus on the higher priorities. I am sorry but thanks to my husband for supporting me.

I watched a free video series from Gina M. Poirier with the title “Take a Deep Breath”. It’s talking about stress management. I always salute those moms who have a few kids at home and they can still homeschool the kids and work at home at the same time. They are awesome!


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  1. it used to bother me, stress. I worried about what other people thought. I worried about what other people said.

    I actually took a class (now 20 years ago) where the teacher said “what someone says or does never reflect on you. It is always their problem.”

    I try to live by that.

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