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Alphabet Crazy – D for Durian!!

You know I love durian, my family loves durian too! So I won’t miss this opportunity to post it as an entry for D!


1) Post a anything, e.g: photo/art/poem/story/memories (not limited to) of anything that starts with the alphabet! You can go at your own pace for this challenge 🙂

2) Remember to put “Alphabet Crazy” in your title!

3) You’re free to combine with other challenges! Nobody say you can’t post a red aeroplane or blue elephant :p

4) You’re welcome to post non-English words (say your native language) but DO explain its meaning to us, so that we can learn from each other!


  • Durian can be open fairly easily if you find the right technique…

    • Yes
    • No


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    • Yes, durian is not the cheapest fruit around …
      depending on which you get (D24, D13, Mao Shan Wang…), their price varies.

      D24 is by far my favourite!