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Abandoned Grand Mansion Portuguese Millionaire Count (Everything left) )

“The only way in is through a secret tiny window in the roof…”

In this remarkable video documentary, the young explorers investigate one of the most uniquely rare and beautiful abandoned places in Portugal to date. Somewhere hidden in a rural town in Portugal, lies this majestic abandoned millionaire’s mansion, with absolutely everything left behind. This incredible property used to belong to a notorious member of a well-known Portuguese noble family. He held the title of, Count at the time of the family’s disappearance. Why the building and contents were left behind completely untouched remains a mystery and is, as yet, unknown to us. Come and explore together with us, as we venture our way inside this strange and beautiful place…


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    • Yes, Doc, that is the “million-dollar” question and the one thing that drew me into an investigation of this phenomenon, and my findings were even more fascinating. What distinguishes the genuine abandoned place hunters, (not modern archeologists who plunder) from common looters and graffiti damagers is their universal motto, “Take only photos, leave only footprints.” Luckily the pro’s screen/police newcomers. They never divulge site locations to “strangers”

      • There is a house where I grew up that was in probate for around 10 years. We (a bunch of us kids) knew where it was. We went to that house many times, But as you said we respected the house. When I was 8 the woman that lived there used to make us cookies. When she passed her heirs fought for 10 years. It was really quite sad.

        we missed the cookies.

        • That’s a wonderful story Doc and takes me back to my own childhood and a certain Ma Daisy, Bettridge, who made the best-iced tea and chicken-pie this side of the Pecos, (lol). Her own son, Chris, was a few years older than our gang and he would often arrive from work finding a half a dozen teens, feeding their faces. If Ma Daisy were here now, I’d give her a firm hug and a kiss for making my young life so special.

    • Hello Ileana, most people such as these, traveled the world many times over, no my friend they had more than enough to do all of that. People are obviously not cast out of the same mold, so to some, traveling would be very low on their to-do list. One group of hunters, from Belgium, these two, covering this EXPLORE, started 2 years ago and took advice from me where I often commented on their work. They really deserved my attention being always mindful of my suggestions. I was once an amateur “movie director” of some home movies in (Super 8) (lol) One thing I suggested, was to scout the site before filming because it removed some nasty surprises/shocks beforehand, ie. falling through rotten floors, opening cupboards and drawers hiding embarrassing contents. Doing all of that and still appearing natural. They listened and are making videos far better than I ever expected.

    • Often owners want their stuff to be left intact. These two boys once explored a Belgian castle, recently abandoned by its owners. It was fully occupied in 2016 then the family, husband, wife, and two children left Belgium to live in Amsterdam, Holland which was closer to his business interests. They did the video and expressed their shock and dismay at finding the electricity, water, and telephone on and everything else as is. They mentioned it and I suggested they contact the count in Holland and tell them how shameless and disrespectful they were to abandon their multi-generation family legacy. The count, instead of sending them packing, actually moved back to the castle because his wife was sad about living away from her beloved Belgium anyhow so she and re-employed their servants whom she grew up with. I would like to believe, I had a tiny bit to do with their decision to move back.


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