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A programmer built a chat bot to chat with his girlfriend

I read an interesting news this morning. A Chinese programmer found that he has been neglecting his girlfriend when he is busy at work, hence he developed a chat bot to chat with his girlfriend. After the programmer has finished his work, he found out the chat bot has more than 300 messages with his girlfriend.

I have to say this programmer is intelligent to come up with the idea and even developing the chat bot. I read a message the bot sent to his girlfriend that it’s the 618th day being together. I suppose the boyfriend might not even remember how many days they have been together or send the girlfriend a sweet message.

I am not sure if the programmer will still continue to use the chat bot, but it seems like the girlfriend has already found out something weird about the chat or the “boyfriend”.

Would you like to have a chat bot to chat with you?

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  • If you were the girlfriend, would you be angry if you found out you have been chatting with a chat bot?

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  1. There are programs that talk to people on the phone pretending to be people. They are quite sophisticated and it is getting harder to recognize them. There may be a chat bot right now getting Virils and we’ve all been “talking” with it for some time. Hmmmm?
    There is a moment with the phone simulations that I call the ‘uncanny valley moment’ and I get there by saying something really non sequitur several times in a row. Sometimes they can be caught out with vocabulary by saying seldom used words.
    It seems that with all the tech firms using icky glitchy chat bots to interface with their customers that someone has bots out in social media learning how to type-talk with folks to get better. They do seem to need the practice.

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