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A Fluffy Cloud – What color do you think I am? (The Answer)

Here’s the original photo of the fluffy cloud from my previous post for Ileana’s challenge “What color do you think I am”.

The photo was taken during the sunset and I really like lacho59’s words that there’s some sunshine in the cloud. If you enjoy this challenge, see her post where you can guess the color of a very interesting flower.

Do you think that the cloud is more yellow or orange?

Here are the poll answers in case you are interested:

  • White (2 votes) – 25%
  • Yellow/Orange (2 votes) – 25%
  • Pink/Purple (4 votes) – 50%
  • Do you enjoy the colorful clouds?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No


What do you think?

16 Points

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