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6 Bollywood Films With An Awesome Soundtrack

These days video rental stores are practically nonexistent because of online video streaming.  But three (3) decades ago, video rental stores changed my life.  How so?  The stores introduced me to foreign films and in particular, to Bollywood films.  What’s so great about these Indian movies?  The music!  Yes, the dancing is awesome too. But you can’t have dancing without music.  Right?

Many of these films have an awesome soundtrack.  In fact, it’s fun to search YouTube just looking for the songs.  There are lots and lots of films but these are my Top 6.  Yes, 5 out of 6 are Priyanka Chopra-Jonas movies.  I’m a huge PCJ fan.

*Karam (2005 ‧ Drama)

A young married couple should be able to lead a fairy tale “happily ever after” lifestyle.  If only the husband wasn’t a paid contract killer; a bad guy who made some other bad guys really angry.  It made their lives really complicated.

*What’s Your Raashee? (2009 ‧ Bollywood/Comedy)

A guy needs to find a wife or lose his inheritance.  He decides to choose his bride according to her “raashee” (her astrological sign).

*Fashion (2008 ‧ Bollywood/Drama)

A young woman pursues her dream of being a top fashion model, making sacrifices and bad decisions, along the way to get to the top.

*Yuvvraaj (2008 ‧ Drama)

There were light-hearted moments.  But there was nothing funny about the plot.  There are 3 brothers.  One brother is mentally challenged and when the father dies, he leaves all the money to this son.  The other 2 brothers, who feel that have been cheated, scheme to try to get the inheritance.

*7 Khoon Maaf (2011 ‧ Thriller/Drama)

The film is called “7” because the woman has seven husbands.  Each time she marries, she is certain the man she chose will be her soulmate for life.  It doesn’t work out and she conveniently becomes a widow, albeit she is never charged with any crime.  In the end, she does find her soulmate.  To be fair, the other six had it coming.

*Dostana (2008 ‧ Comedy/Drama)

Two guys need to rent an apartment at a complex in Miami, Florida USA with one catch.  They have to be gay.  They pretend to be gay, sign the lease, and their roommate is hot young heterosexual female that both of them fall for; only she doesn’t know it because she thinks they’re gay.  The movie is cute and funny!

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  1. This is a helpful list. Yes, I remember the time when we need to rent DVD/VCD in order to watch some movies. But I wasn’t given a chance to watch foreign movies other than those from the US and some Jackie Chan movies. It’s about time to discover more. thank you for sharing.

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