Bollywood Films That Address September 11th

Do you like Bollywood movies? Bollywood is a name inspired by the word “Hollywood”, the word that is synonymous with American cinema, films, and movies.  It merges “Bombay” and “Hollywood” and is used to refer to Hindi or Indian cinema.  I enjoy watching Bollywood movies.  The music and dancing is always great. The comedies can be very funny. The science fiction flicks are kind of quirky. But the drama films? Oh, the drama!!!  Full of life’s complexities. Mixed marriages: not so much interracial, but interfaith, i.e. two different religions. Main characters always faced with choosing sides: loyalty to family versus allegiance to country, or on a broader scale, to the world we live in. Having to answer life’s difficult questions:

● Where do I take a stand?

● How do I defend my loved ones?

● Isn’t it my duty to warn others, if I know or even suspect imminent danger, so they can protect themselves?

There are 3 specific movies that address and answer these questions.  Producers and directors of Bollywood cinema did not shy away from the content but chose to address the post 9/11 environment in the United States, broach the topic of terrorism, and bring it even closer to home in three films: “Kurbaan”, “My Name is Khan”, and “New York”.  Each film starts out with a loving couple, who should be like every other loving couple in the whole wide world: bonded together in a blissful union by promises of fidelity, secure in the hope of living happily ever after forever. The happily ever after part of their lives is going quite well until … 9/11 happens.

Of these films, my favorite is “My Name is Khan”.  I’m not the only one who was impressed with this movie.  Fox Star Entertainment, an American company, thought so highly of this foreign film that they bought the distribution rights to it.

Have you watched any of these films? If not, you should put them on your watch list.


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