Bollywood Movie Recommendation: Mary Kom (2014) ~ Fans of Priyanka Chopra

Who is not a huge fan of the popular Indian actress Priyanka Chopra?  I’ve seen her play a wide range of roles quite successfully.  She is a very versatile actress.  But!  … Big BUT!

Priyanka Chopra as a boxer?  Get real!  No way!

Those were my initial thoughts. By the time the movie was over, I was eating my words.


PC worked it! She was awesome playing the role of a real life female boxer, Mary Kom.

Let me explain. Here’s where I took a left.

What had really happened was that before watching the Bollywood movie, had already seen an American movie. Million Dollar Baby (2004); which starred Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank. Expected a really good flick. Some girl was going to go out there and kick butt like Layla Ali. Anticipated a story of victory, triumph, rising above the opposition, working against the odds, overcoming … all that feel good stuff! You know?

That is NOT what happened!

Loyal Clint Eastwood fan, but that movie disgusted me! It wasn’t just a disappointment. It made me mad!!

So! Using my flawed logic … figured the film with Priyanka Chopra was probably just going to be an Indian-style “version” of Million Dollar Baby.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa.  10,000 humble apologies!

Can you spell the word WRONG all kinds of ways?

I can spell it at least 3 ways.

  • Number 1 WRONG: Totally underestimated Ms. Chopra’s acting prowess. She delivered on her performance.
  • Number 2 WRONG: Didn’t know there was such a person as Mary Kom.  She’s a real awesome Indian woman who opened a door for others to walk through.
  • Number 3 WRONG: Boxing for women is hard … in America. Boxing for women IN INDIA? Seriously? My Indian sisters are truly on their own. Any woman who can rise up and make her mark in that field of sports … the world should know her story.

Mary Kom (2014) is a gooooood movie!!


(- Book worth reading: Autobiography: M.C. Mary Kom.)

Both the video and the book make perfect additions to your home entertainment library.


Click to view official trailer for Mary Kom (2014).

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