Strange how controversial COVID 19 has become, ranging from blatant willful and intentional lies being spread about the voracity of the pandemic which has resulted in the unnecessary digging of millions of graves and a decision by authorities worldwide, to classify “all” deaths as being COVID 19 related, I realize that I’m cutting this with a broad swath but I’m calling it as I see it in my country, especially. 

In the same breath, let me hasten to express my deepest sympathy to folks who have had to say goodbye to loved ones forever. The truth of the matter is that no-one really knows anything about the virus and how to prevent or contain the spread of it. Having said, that, I would like to share this information, if you are at all uncertain, whether you have contracted any virus air-borne or otherwise, and you are unable to get to medical assistance in time for whatever reason. 

What  do the experts say? Will taking a really HOT BATH kill the virus by elevating your body temperature to above 37°Celsius?

Find out below:


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  1. I feel so strange writing comments no one gets to read. Anyway, here in Florida it is getting stranger by the day. They keep saying there are more COVID cases on the rise yet they still plan to enter Phase 3 and open bars and restaurants

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