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365 Day Photo Challenge Day 326 (I posted 324 twice)

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My wife has been sick the past two days. That means Raven is worried. She doesn’t do her usual clingy thing when people are sick. She stays in the room with the sick person and guards them. On occasion, she will come over and accept petting, but for the most part, she watches and protects. When I am sick, she doesn’t seem to notice. Funny, she worries about the Twins and my Wife. Me, not so much! I guess that is the way of dogs. They connect with and care for people differently. This is Raven sitting by my wife, getting some attention. She moved to right across the room from my wife to watch her after this picture.

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  • Does your dog worry when you are not feeling well?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Yes Raven you are a good fairy god mother or a nurse right now. You are such a sweetheart keeping an eye on your mother like you do this time. Keep close to her Raven and shower her with attention and cuddles and a few kisses. Dear Raven, you are, right now, just like my dear Tasha was and I loved her for that. But Runt, the cat, has taken the place right now and is just as nice and attentive as Raven and Tasha. Just goes to show that animals are so tuned into their instincts that they just follow them with ease.


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