365 Day Photo Challenge Day 298 a view of the cube…

This is a 360 view of my cube yesterday. I was prepping for the first meeting of the day (sadly there were many others) and took this picture. Did you know that Facebook has a 360 image viewer you can use? With the panorama feature on Android and iOS, you can take a 360 picture without a camera made for that type of imaging. This one happens to be from the Qoo cam.  Over the past year, I looked at more than 10 360 cameras, and I have settled on two, Bubl and Qoo. There were other cameras that offered features that were unique, but when push comes to shove, you need to have functionality that is effectively matched to quality that is more than below-average. Bubl is less portable overall (larger) Qoo is much smaller and fits in my bag. Not that I need anything else in my bag right now!

Anyone can join the photo challenge – point your camera, click the shutter and share the image!

  • Did you know that facebook has a 360 degree image viewer?

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