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2 Posts A Day Challenge

I signed up for a 500 words a day challenge two months ago, but I did not make it. I planned to write two posts at Virily daily, I did not make it as well. It was far than what I had planned.

It’s the first day of July, and I always think it’s a good time to start a new habit or challenge (though it’s good to start anytime). I am planning to write two posts a day. Well, if I really can’t make it in a day, then I will have to write the two posts the next day, which means I am going to write four posts on the next day. Or if I am more hardworking on one day, then I might take a rest the next day. That means, I should have total 62 posts written in July.

This is not only a challenge for writing, but also will power building. This is one of my weaknesses as I always can’t stay consistently and persistently. I might work well in the first few days, then later I might just be distracted and diverted to some other places.

Let’s do it! 

How many posts do you usually write at Virily everyday?

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  1. I have no writing goals here, but i do write everyday somewhere on the internet. I kind of do not like the fact that we cannot really do this challenge as posts on the weekend don’t get published unless you are a verified member.

  2. I am always wary of writing for the sake of writing. I would like to think that I am making some sort of contribution to the greater good by saying something that might actually be useful or interesting to someone – although I am sure that I don’t always succeed in either capacity!

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