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500 Words a Day Challenge

I just read a 31-day challenge created by Jeff Goins about writing 500 words a day, for 31 days. This challenge is to help us develop daily writing habit and become better writers. The challenge is called “My 500 Words“, and you can find posts about it on social media with the hash tag #my500words.

Though I do not have intention to write a book, and I don’t even plan to write on my personal blogs at this moment, I always like to build the habit of daily writing or journaling. I also plan to be more active writing at Virily, so I think this challenge might help me to write more.  Sometimes it is really not easy for me to find some quiet time to write when three kids are with me all day long, but I think I can still find a few blocks of 10 minutes throughout the day, and write a 100-200 word post.

I am planning to write 1 or 2 posts at Virily everyday, and also write on my daily journal. I guess it would be enough for 500 words if I am writing at Virily and my daily journal.

Would you like to take the challenge? Or perhaps you already have the habit of daily writing?

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  1. It’s just been recent since I started to give time with Virily. I was so busy with my third-party writing site where I get most of my online income and with my own blog which I just set up several months ago. My time is also limited considering that I have my day job and it is keeping me busy throughout the day.

    I never had a chance to write a full blog with Virily but I will try it on the coming days to see how it would work.

    • I read about you working hard on another site and your own blog which is awesome. I didn’t know you still have your day job! Hope you’ll be able to find time to do what you enjoy doing. ^_^

      I have always been wanting to set up my own blog, not just for personal, but at the moment I can’t dedicate much time blogging yet, or I should say my priority is not blogging or writing now.

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