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2 Fantasy Drama TV Series ~ British versus American

Do you enjoy legendary tales about evil witches (or sorceresses) and good warlocks (or sorcerers), noble kings, knights in shining armor, Druids, dragons, unicorns and other mythical creatures, fair maidens, and handsome princes?  Tales where good always overcomes evil and in the end, all the people live happily ever after in a wonderful kingdom?

Of course, you do!  Everybody does!

You might enjoy those tales, even more, when they are adapted for a TV audience and the series is so popular that it runs for several seasons.

If you like fantasy series made for television, here are two suggestions. One is a BBC production and the other was an American production.  The British series was better.

** The Adventures of Merlin **

(Aired from 2008 to 2012)

♦  What I Liked About the TV Series:

* A family-friendly BBC production (British Broadcasting Corporation)

*  Every episode captures your attention and is delightful!

* Forces of darkness, chivalry, romance, and magic – A winning combination!

* Based on the well-known legend about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table

* Perfect for people who enjoy lighthearted fantasy-adventures

* For fans of John Hurt who is the voice of The Dragon

(Sir John Vincent Hurt (1940 – 2017), CBE, regarded as one of Britain’s finest actors)

* Excellent for binge-watching

* Filmed in Wales and France

* Great addition to a personal home video library

♦♦  Where I Thought the Series Fell Short:

* Not made for viewers who prefer gritty, violent blood-curdling drama

* Some of the acting was not exactly BBC Masterpiece performances or Oscar-worthy

* Ended after 5 seasons ~ Should have gone for at least 10.

** The Shannara Chronicles **

(Debuted on MTV in 2016, ended in 2017)

NOTE: This series is a little bit different from Merlin in that it has Druids and elves (and other “races”), half breeds born from a union between humans and elves who are made fun of because of their short-tipped ears, and lowly humans who have no magical power ~ ALL versus demons, with one big bad awful Demon in charge of a massive demon army?

♦  What I Liked About the TV Series:

* Based on a trilogy by Terry Brooks titled *The Sword of Shannara*

* Filmed in New Zealand

♦♦  Where I Thought the Series Fell Short:

* A not so family friendly American fantasy drama television series

* TV episodes contain unnecessary nudity

* Scriptwriters worked too hard trying to incorporate “American politically correct” attitudes

* Acting was really “cheesy” (awful) – Blame the actors or the scriptwriters or both!

* Canceled after two (2) seasons and nobody even questions why

♦ ♦

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