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2 Chinese Movies for Your Watch List

I enjoy watching non-American or foreign films and TV shows.  The movies must have English subtitles of course.  Watching foreign films is both entertaining and educational.  Before we had the Internet, my husband used to scour the foreign films section in the video rental store and rent movies for us to watch.  Sometimes we checked out videos from the local public library.  Thanks to the Internet, there are lots of films we can watch online, free streaming.  Below are 2 Chinese movies that you should add to your watch list if you haven’t seen them already; along with some related links which might enhance your understanding and appreciation.

#1 The King of Masks Would Be a Great Addition to a Private Video Library

#2 Classic Chinese Movies

Gong Li is one of my favorite Chinese actresses and any movie she is in, whether she plays a major or a minor role, you will remember her.


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