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10 e-wallets I have!!!

E- wallet is a kind of payment apps that required us to debit some money into it before we spend or make payment.

There are so many banks, merchants, shopping centers came up with their own e wallet during these two years.

I am so tiring to have many apps in my phone yet have to remember so many set of pass code.

I wondered too why the merchants don’t come out with a integrated wallet, all-in-one? What do you think?


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    Do you have any e-wallet?

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    How many e-wallets do you have?

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What do you think?

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Written by tiada


  1. I don’t even know there are at least 10 e-wallets in our country. Is GrabPay considered as one? I only have GrabPay as I use GrabCar once in a while.

    I wish there is an integrated e-wallet which we can just store our money in it, and use them via whichever e-wallet we want. It’s hard to deposit money in all of the e-wallets, isn’t it?

  2. I do not have a single App. My phone is basic feature phone. I am doing well without any of those upgrades. I have a debit card and that’s it.