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When it’s legal to Draw Graffiti?

A couple of years ago my wife and I took a road trip across America from Arizona to New Jersey. The whole trip took about 7 days and we had a fantastic time. One place we wanted to stop at was the Cadillac Ranch in Texas.

The Cadillac Ranch is basically a place where six or so Cadillacs are buried and all visitors are encouraged to graffiti them. Somehow as we drove along we managed to miss it – realizing this we pulled into a rest stop trying not to be too disappointed.

Amazingly as we pulled into the rest stop we spied 4 or 5 VW Beatles stuck in the ground! Woohoo – we didn’t write our name on Cadillacs but we managed to immortalize ourselves on some cool Beatles.

Of course as we did this two things happened:

1. A couple of police cars drove past – they probably though “Ah more teenagers and their graffiti” – and then did a double take when they saw two 40 year olds instead! They didn’t approach us.

2. As we finished we went back to our car – of course there was a very large rattle snake sitting under my car – sadly my camera battery had run out!


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