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Welcome to Come And Stay with Us in UdonThani

If you ever fancy a nice relaxed holiday you are welcome to visit us in Thailand. We can show you around and you can learn Thai Culture.

We have a new Home stay Resort I have just built. We have accommodation for small or large families up to 9 Rooms. Also there is a kitchen and  coffee shop.

My prices are very low as we don’t need big money to live in Thailand to be happy.

Single people, couples or families are welcomed. There are also options for low cost motor bike and car hire.

You can find more info on our website.  And here are some photos you can see and share with friends.

We have Thai Food on the table 7 nights a week and BBQ. Welcome for a look.

All Rooms have balcony.

There are extra large rooms with over 35 square meters and there is extra high speed WiFi as well.


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Written by Charles law


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