Wander project within the question lay more questions…

For a moment, let us wander to an auditorium—a large hall with setas. The entire place was filled with people. A great master came to speak to the crowd and did so for an hour. Many came forward to ask questions of the great thinker. In the back of the room, a single student sat confused.

Finally, the student ran to the Master who had just spoken to the group. The student was at the back of the group, and the Master was leaving from a doorway in the front. The student arrived and, for a moment, held up his arm to catch his breath. The Master smiled and paused. A second student, waiting by the door interceded before the first student could catch his breath.

“Master, your words flowed like water over a waterfall, caressing and beautiful, thank you.”

The master smile and waved to the first student without saying a word. He turned to the student who had run from the back of the room.

“Master, I am sorry. I did not understand the message.”

The Master suddenly smiled, beaming almost.

“You have learned the first lesson well,” the Master said and began walking toward the door.

The student rushed and gently tugged the Master’s sleeve.

“yes” the Master answered

“Master, I am sorry, I do not understand still.”

The Master smiled again and embraced the student.

“Come with me; we have much to learn together.”        

The goal of the Master was to find those who questioned things and sought answers. So he chooses the student who asked questions instead of as the first student had done assumed a meaning. In taking a purpose placed in words, we risk the communication for no message buried can ever be fully explored without questions.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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