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Wander project where will you wander after the lockdown?

To walk around my neighborhood, and the next block over is 4.1 miles. I measured it many years ago. On the weekends, I walk around the area twice, or around 8 miles (plus a little) on both Saturdays and Sundays. When it over 80, it isn’t the most comfortable experience.  On both Friday and Saturday this week, I sweated through my shirt! Sunday was beautiful, not getting above 68 degrees and no sun baking so quite pleasant.

The gray skies made me think that rain was possible, but during my walk, it didn’t rain. I’ve been walking now every day for six years and at least five days a week for 11 years. My doctor gave me a great warning, you can keep running and plan on knee surgery, or you can start walking and not have knee surgery. I chose to give up running and walk instead. I miss the joy of running, but I enjoy a pleasant walk with the dogs.

So Sunday, I started planning my post lockdown walks. It is 3.4 miles around the lake that is near our house. I love that trail. Dylan loves that trail as well; there are lots of deer, and Dylan fancies himself a deer hunter. So walking around the lake is the first walk when the lockdown is lifted. I’ve got three or four more lined up after that, for long Sunday or Saturday walks.

What are your post lockdown plans?


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  1. I love the photos. We are already out of lockdown but I have not gone farther than the nearest store two blocks away. I guess when I am ready I will go to the beach first and then to the Halifax River to see the ducks.

  2. Let’s hope that by the beginning of July we will be able to travel from one area to another here in Spain. My little granddaughter will have a birthday. I want to travel to Pamplona.

  3. Car shopping. Then I can reach those hikes I have been dreaming of. I want to go to the waterfall, but I think I am going to have to start slow again. I have gotten out of shape. I don’t like walking around the neighborhood. I have been only going about once every two weeks.


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