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Wander project what’s on your cellular camera (Bloomington IN and Germantown MD)

My new personal challenge, as I continue in the 365 Day Photo Challenge, I am also pledging to from time to time, share the last 20 or so pictures from my phone. I know I frequently harp about backing up your phone photos. I know I do that, harping, more than I should harp on that topic to be fair. Personally, I have lost pictures. Not in the recent memory but I have lost pictures in the past. Back in the days before chape removable hard drives and internet storage.

I had an Apple Quicktake 100 camera, and then a Casio Digital camera. Due to a computer crash, I love about 300 pictures. I vowed, for those who remember “Gone with the Wind” holding a potato never to go hungry again! The images today start with Bloomington Indiana and my dog Dylan. He decided that my mother’s coffee table was, in fact, the perfect perch for him to sit on. Unlike Raven, Dylan couldn’t see the other dogs, so he fixed that by being higher than the other dogs, to begin with!

There is a few weather station captures the various cold weather and warm weather days recently and then, of course, a few random pictures. Well most of them are random. If there is a specific event I want to capture for later, I bring my digital cameras. Point in time, one-off pictures I normally capture with my cell phone because I don’t have my other cameras handy when the point-in-time officers.

All of these images from Bloomington Indiana, Germantown Maryland and of course one of two locations where my cellphone pictures are backed up!


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Written by DocAndersen

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