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I suspect tomorrow I am going to take a break from focusing on pictures my father took and wander back to the wander project itself. I will return to dad’s pictures again I promise. But for now, tomorrow will be my last day of what dad saw. Wandering the pictures and memories is what the wander project is about, but there is so much more Horatio that spoken of in blogs and tweets.

I have thousands of pictures my father took. There are not as many movies of my dad, except the ones my grandfather took of him. But I have a video that has been converted that includes my dad. He was a grand man. Not mind you, that my father and I had a perfect relationship. I was different than my father from an early age. Where dad loved academic pursuits, I was more interested in business and IT. The technology was the thing I love to this day. I wasn’t much help in the garden; it was not a passion of mine. Gardening was my father’s signature passion. My father moved out to a mini-farm where we wanted to move towards being self-sufficient and live off the land.

IT wasn’t too happen of course. He was far too early in that concept.  First, the micro-grid technology just wasn’t good enough back then. To have a wind turbine, you would need more electrical knowledge then than now. But there were apple, pear and nut trees galore in the front yard of the house in Kirksville Indiana. Kirksville is a small town outside of Bloomington Indiana. He does have a fire department, and a store.

The mini-farm was on top of a hill. The hill was more a ridge line than a stand-alone hill. But Harmony road winds along the ridge, starting at Indiana 45 (a highway) to the top of the ridge. The farm was nestled next to Kirksville Lake. Kirksville Lake was in my parents front yard. It had fish, turtles and the occasional water snake. It was little more than a Karst Topographic reality. There were three sinkholes in roughly a straight line; one was still open; you could walk by and feel the cold air from the cave below.


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